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logoWhy join BOWDA?

Here are some of the key reasons why BOWDA membership is important and valuable:

As an advocacy group, BOWDA works to promote sustainable development in the Bow Valley. Specifically, BOWDA works with the municipalities to ensure that policies are as business-friendly as possible. This in turn, helps to grow our local economy, which we all benefit from. Some examples:

  • The Sustainability Screening Report (SSR) process is in the process of being eliminated. This will save significant time and money on development applications.
  • BOWDA reviewed and responded to the review of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) in Canmore.
  • BOWDA has met with the MD of Bighorn to discuss the implications of the Alberta Building Code on areas outside of the 10-minute fire response map.
  • BOWDA continues to advocate for the development of Perpetual Affordable Housing on the Old Daycare Lands and other Town-owned lands. We are also advocating for an Employee Housing Policy to ensure that this issue is addressed and adequate lands are made available. Affordable housing is a critical issue for the Town, business community and developers to address.

BOWDA is a networking organization.

  • Monthly luncheons provide an opportunity to have a drink and lunch with 90-120 of the business leaders in the Bow Valley. These luncheons are for BOWDA members only.
  • If you would like more information on sponsoring an upcoming lunch, please email me:

Support the Development Industry.

  • BOWDA represents local businesses and focuses on issues that will continue to grow the industry in┬áthe Bow Valley. Your membership in BOWDA allows us to have a strong voice. Quite simply, we have a stronger voice with 220+ members than we did with 90 members!


  • BOWDA attends many hours of meetings, sifts through the information and provides a brief synopsis to our members. This allows you to be up to date, and focus your time on growing your business.


  • BOWDA promotes our members through advertising in the local Rocky Mountain Outlook, encouraging people interested in building, renovation, or other construction services to use BOWDA members.
  • BOWDA members can promote their products and services to other members using the Member Information Centre (MIC) on the website. Log in to your page and update your profile using the following link: to learn more about the MIC, update your information and more. Look for more info on the benefits of the MIC to be emailed to you early in 2016.


  • BOWDA is partnering with Alberta Construction Safety Association to provide safety training seminars to BOWDA members. This will allow you to keep your staff fully trained without having to travel to Calgary.
  • Upcoming courses:
    • Building to SECOR, Jan – Apr 2016. This course includes 4 full-day workshops to build your Health & Safety Management System. Upon completion, businesses will have achieved their Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) temporary certification, which will reduce their WCB premiums and provide them with the ability to bid on larger contracts.
    • Other COR courses such as: Leadership for Safety Excellence, Prime Contractor, and Auditor Training will also be offered in 2016.